boycott San Francisco

Breitbart has an article that explains that:

#BoycottSanFrancisco is going viral as San Francisco defends its sanctuary policies in the wake of the not-guilty verdict in the Kate Steinle murder trial.

Sounds like a great idea to me!

The mayor’s spokesbimbo said “San Francisco is and always will be a sanctuary city.” We will see..

Darren Osborne, a misunderstood victim?

The Guardian has some interesting details about the Finsbury Park incident.

Darren Osborne, 47 year old non-Mohammedan man is alleged to have said:

“I want to kill all Muslims”

He is reported to have left 1 dead and 11 injured. The police did indicate, “the man who died was already being treated for an unrelated ailment”. Another way of saying that is to question if the “victim” was killed or merely died at an unfortunate time…

Following in the tradition of American and British media, I will make the following statement:

Darren is not representative of all non-Mohammedan people. He is but one individual and it would be wrong to blame all non-Mohammedan people for the actions of one man, who may just be mentally ill or possibly an irate soccer fan.

While his actions are wrong, he has a cultural reason for what he may have done. Non-Mohammedan people, the primary victims of Mohammedan terrorism, have little outlet for their fears and concerns. Add in a media that is bound and determined to cover up the truth about the Mohammedan actions, and you end up with a powder keg.

Darren is merely the symptom of oppressed non-Mohammedan people everywhere. The British and American news services that continually report fake news and refuse to tell the truth are the ones who created this situation. The politicians who refuse to stop Mohammedan violence have created fear and hatred. The Mohammedan terrorists planted seeds, reporters watered those seeds with the blood of the victims, and the politicians were willfully blind.

I note that ISIS Has Instructed Muslims to Run Over Non-Muslims With Cars quite a few times. Maybe Darren read one of ISIS’s articles? There is an old religious phrase, “what goes around, comes around”. Darren treated them as they would treat him. Darren may just be a man who wants to experience the Islamic culture in his own way.

My prayers and support go to all of those oppressed by Mohammedan terrorism. I hope that Darren is safe and not injured by Mohammedan killers. I would hate to see a non-Mohammedan push-back.

What about my condolences? See this page for a list of Mohammedan terrorism in just 2017. Since 25% of Mohammedans support Jihad, there is a good chance that one or more of the dead person’s family supports Jihad… Don’t expect condolences from me until the Mohammedan terrorism issue is resolved… PERMANENTLY.

L.A. Tinderbox

Reading the article, L.A. Mayor Worries Trump Immigration Crackdown Will Incite Riots: ‘I Fear a Tinderbox Out There’, makes me ask the following question.

If the Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti fears that immigration crackdown will set-off the illegals, WHY THE HELL WOULD HE WANT MORE ILLEGALS?

Here is an idea. Lets deport the illegals. No more illegals, no more problems.

“I fear a tinderbox out there, where people will suddenly say no and try to defend… keep that person from being taken. That’s a very dangerous situation.”

His solution, ban ICE! If it is dangerous, it is because the illegals feel entitled. I wonder how that situation came about…

“If sanctuary city means your police force will not be deputized or will take it upon themselves to enforce immigration law, then absolutely we are and proudly so,…”

Dude, I think I see the problem! When the law is “optional” so is compliance. A lack of compliance can be described as anarchy and lawlessness. Do you see the connection? Do see where you might want change your approach? Of course you don’t, and that is the REAL issue. If there is a tinderbox, you are the one who provided the fuel for the fire. Enjoy the flames.

32 Percent of our Federal Inmates Are ILLEGALS!

DOJ report specifies details about incarcerated aliens.

  • 45,493 foreign-born criminals in federal prisons
  • 129,000 total prison populaton
  • 3,939 of those foreign-born were US citizens.
  • 41,554 ILLEGALS are in our prisons
  • $30,619.85 ($83.89 per day) to imprison a federal inmate (according to federal register)
  • Taxpayers are paying 1,272,377,246.90 per year!

Those are the numbers taking the DOJ report and the Federal Register price per inmate. Nearly 1.3 billion wasted on these people every year. This number DOES NOT INCLUDE THOSE IN STATE AN LOCAL DETENTION.

I want a wall NOW!

France will burn

French elections yesterday. Le Pen came in a very close second to Emmanuel Macron. Macron is a “centrist”, a foaming at the mouth socialist really, with no experience in politics. Le Pen has been in French politics forever and a day. Le Pen seems to be anti-EU and anti-open borders.

I can see where the French people were between a rock and a hard place. Both candidates are flawed.

A politician that has been around for years and is part of a family that has also been in politics forever, but never been in power? She has also openly accepted political money from Russia. I smell the corruption already! The “centrist” at least has also never been in office before, this is his first foray into an election. Of course he is pro EU, pro immigration, and as liberal as you are going to find.

The French had their one shot to get out of the EU mess and stop the immigration issues from getting a lot worse. The bottom line? It looks like they are going to go with Macron in the run-off election. IF that happens, the blood in the streets will flow like water. Any hope France had, is gone.

The election is not over until it is over. We will see what happens.

It will be fun to watch the Muhammadans burn the Louvre.

Rest in peace.

Some important points that are not discussed by the press.

France leaving the EU is a lot different than Great Britain leaving the EU because the Great Britain NEVER COMPLETELY JOINED THE EU. France adopted the Euro, Great Britain never did. Disassociation from the Euro would be possible, but very tricky.

All of the socialist countries in Europe are saying that their birth rates are below necessary quantities to keep up the population, so they need immigrants from pretty much ANYWHERE to pay for the social programs. There are a couple of giant problems with that state of affairs.

The aliens are COSTING money and not providing. This is not a criticism of those immigrants, since they are being encouraged to migrate into countries that have NO jobs for them! Most of these people have little, if any, education. What futures do any of them have in a European country?

As to the second point, I note that Japan has a low birth rate, a falling population, and is not importing aliens. Japan is surviving just fine.

Emmanuel Macron is generally agreed to be a good man. He is also generally perceived as being naive in world affairs. He will be the Muhammadans’ favorite victim…

Baptists & Muslim Mosques

National Review has an article that brings up an interesting question. Being the National Review, they get it completely wrong, but the question itself is worth discussing. Feel free to click on the link above to read their article. They see it as an issue of religious freedom but completely, or should I say deliberately, ignore the issues of murder, slavery, and Pedophilia, the bread and butter of the Mohammadan’s faith.

Christian Crusader Symbol

Christian Crusader Symbol

The short version is that Baptists should fight for the Muslim’s right to build mosques. The story says that Baptists might one day be the minority.

Okay, lets talk reality here. To the best of my knowledge, Baptists never advocated killing all of their religious competitors. I was brought up Baptist and I don’t recall anyone suggesting we go wack all those nasty Methodists down the street…

Muslims, or more accurately Muhammadans, follow the teachings of a vile monster who slept with a nine year old girl and advocated slavery and oppression. No, that is NOT THE SAME THING AS A BAPTIST! Those same Muhammadans, still to this day, advocate the slaughter of Christians, rape young girls, advocate slavery and form no-go areas with only Sharia laws apply. Baptists should support scum like this?

NO. No they should not. There is a time when one can no longer allow evil to flourish without raising one’s voice in opposition. I say NO. No to mosques. No to Muhammadans. No to pedophiles. No to rapists. No to murderers.

Those who live by the sword will die by the sword. I consider Jihad to be the most direct form of an open and frank exchange of ideas. Put in even more direct terms, bring it on you evil scum.

If Muhammadans decide to build a mosque in my city, I will become politically active. I will knock on every damned door and become a plague upon the city council.

The National Review can continue advocating suicidal actions from their ivory tower, but I can not and will not.

Note, there will be those who say “not all Muslims advocate bad things”. Since about 15 to 25% of them do advocate really bad things, THE OTHER 80% DON’T REALLY MATTER! 180 million to 300 million are dedicated to the destruction of Western civilization and the freedoms contained therein. They fear that 20% and do not serve as a barrier to the militant’s evil actions. The “not all Muslims” excuse holds no water with me. I say to that 80%, you have allowed the 20% to run wild, you now reap what you have sown.