Are We Planning on Re-fighting the Civil War?

A talk show host asked the question: “Are we planning on re-fighting the Civil War?” A fourteen year old boy called in and said something both prescient and chilling. He said, I don’t know when it will happen. I don’t know if it will be tomorrow or ten years from now, but yes, I do believe we are going to have a war in this country. He pointed out that things are getting worse and he doesn’t see a way to avoid it.

That boy gets it. The country is headed towards an abyss and all morals and values are being sacrificed at the alter of the left-wing snowflakes’ political correctness.

When Donald Trump speaks truth, he is attacked for doing so. When people speak out with an opinion that does not follow the ultra-left agenda, they are shouted down or physically attacked. When all of the politicians who have lied their entire careers, stand up on their soapboxes and berate him for imagined offenses, the press cheers. Fake news is the norm.

There are many who believe that, one way or another, Trump will not be finishing his term as president. They really, really don’t understand just how lethal that scenario will become. Those who work and support their families and just want to be left alone are beginning to get angry. Such an event will convince those people that ballots don’t work. They will, rightly, decide that it is all a scam. When that happens, there is no going back.

At that point one of two things happen. Option one, they stop caring and let the country fall apart. Laws will break down completely and it will end up being everyone for himself, let the bullets fly. Option two, revolution. I’ve always said that revolutions tend to make a bad situation much worse…

In the end, it won’t be President Trump who is blamed. Right or wrong, he at least tried to do something. He has not spent his entire life feeding at the public trough. Americans did not elect him to go along and get along.

With all of the new and interesting ways of killing be invented each and every day, maybe it will be over quickly…

Let freedom ring baby!