Mexico, Our New Manifest Destiny

An article Bloomberg mentions:

Mexican diplomats are mobilizing for the first time to assist immigrants in gaining U.S. citizenship, hosting free workshops on naturalization.

Mexico is the same nation that is brutal in repressing illegal immigration into their country. Now that country has decided to take the gloves off and do whatever they can to subvert the will of the American people…

So be it.

Since the internal policies of this nation are now the province of the Mexican government, maybe it is time to consider plan B:

  • Mexico has many natural resources. Included in those resources are raw materials and wonderful prime real estate.
  • Mexico is easily accessible to American military forces.
  • Their government is more corrupt than ours, and thus more unstable.
  • Since they have so many of their people in this country, they can’t complain if we go over the southern border to “help” our neighbor. After all, they are the ones that don’t want a border…
  • A “war on drugs” would be the perfect cover, I mean excuse, I mean legitimate concern under which to begin our “assistance program”.
  • We would need to stabilize things quickly, so we would need to disempower their politicians quickly. Icing on the cake!
  • Unemployment in this nation would no longer be a major issue. We will need teachers, soldiers, businessmen, bureaucrats, and builders.
  • We will undergo a cultural renaissance and a political rebirth.

Let the battle for Mexico begin! A new Manifest Destiny is at hand!

Thank goodness the Mexican government made is all possible! I want to thank Vicente Fox and the rest of his political leeches for the opportunity that they have given us. Good thing we don’t have a border…

Since making this post, I’ve started looking into the idea online to see if anyone else is going in the same general direction. Oh boy, there are lots of people thinking in that direction. Our downtrodden brothers in Mexico might just get a chance to be Americans, all at once.

While I greatly prefer blended whiskey, I am willing to occasionally drink tequila. Let freedom ring baby!