Afghanistan and America First

When Trump was running, I knew there was an inherent conflict between his desire to fight terrorism to the bloody end and his non-interventionist policies. When his desire to rebuild the American military was factored in, I was pretty sure that he would be forced to get involved in various adventures around the world whether he liked it or not.

When I am asked about the Afghanistan policy that he advocated last night, I am not enthusiastic, but I see where he is coming from. His success or failure will come down to Pakistan. IF he can stop terrorists from hiding there, great. If he can not but does de-fund Pakistan programs, good enough. If he fails to stop the terrorists and continues to throw money into Pakistan, he will have failed spectacularly.

I believe that North Korea will be a bigger issue in the near future because I think crazy Kim the wacky dictator will do something stupid and force our hand. Hopefully, I am completely wrong.

Why do I bring up North Korea? Aside from the fact that I think they are going to be a problem, they perfectly illustrate our issues with withdrawing from various areas of conflict around the world.

We could get the hell out of Asia. We would need to backstop Japan and South Korea while they developed their own nuke programs. Once they could launch their own missiles, we could exit without issue. That won’t happen because of self-interested parties in D.C. and the profit our allies make by having our troops and nukes support their nations.

We could easily withdraw from NATO. The congress and the senate are bound and determined to fight a war from seventy years ago with European cultures that no longer exist. Because small men with no imagination inhabit D.C., we are stuck in a European entanglement that we should go NO WHERE NEAR. Once again, the profit our allies make by having our troops and nukes support their nations factors in in a large way.

The bottom line? Until we are ready to go home and keep our powder dry, our country is going to bankrupt itself and fight never-ending wars. Our “allies” will suck our resources dry while the military-industrial complex celebrates.

Trump is not the problem, he is a symptom of the swamp that keeps getting deeper.

Terminator in Real Life

Breitbart mentions that Kalishnakov, the famous producer of the AK-47, one of the most popular assault weapons ever, now has AI controlled killing systems. Not a test-bed, a line of ready for order units.

The unit uses a combination of communications to a central control site and an AI neural network. Yes, you read that right, the Ruskies have just give AI the power to shoot… Nothing could possibly go wrong! had more details:

The company revealed it had developed a range of combat robots that are fully automated and used artificial intelligence to identify targets and make independent decisions.

That part about “independent decisions” is the part that clearly indicates that the AI can kill you…

Usually, I would type something cute like, “I would like to be the first to welcome our AI machine overlords.”

There are quite a few AI platforms available for software developers. I’ve tried a couple and am still mystified, but others have used them successfully. The availability of automated, software controllable technology, think drones, cars, vacuum clears, any radio controlled mechanism is clear to everyone. Slightly modified weapons system, think firearms, bomb, and other nasty toys can be obtained by those who are determined to do so.

Think about the ramifications of the above paragraph. Any half-assed AI experimenter can already create a killing machine. It is no longer a question of if, but of when. Not when they will be created, it has happened. The question is when the first killings will take place. The genie is out of the bottle and it will never go back.

The world has changed. As with other disruptive technologies that allow the individual to open the gates of hell, the gates will be opened.

Think about a nut-bag who decides he has been bullied. How about my favorite nightmare nut-bag, the type who prays a lot and decides to kill infidels. Don’t even think about the Antifa types, the Black Bloc idiots, or any of the other anarchist dumb-asses.

A few AI packages, some software interfaces to controllable transportation packages, and an optional weapons package. Cars plowing into schools, churches, and mosques. Drones or radio controlled cars shooting kids on a playground. A “smart” Molotov cocktail with a programmed drone. Here is a scary one, an AI package, a radio controlled boat with an explosive package. I do not want to think about weaponized drones and commercial air travel!

To paraphrase Mr. Ollivander: I expect great things. Terrible things, yes. But great things.

Russians and Their Tanks

Just what the world neede! A Russian Robotic Tank as detailed by The Daily Mail.

It is remote controlled, so the AI package hasn’t been added yet. Those of you who have read Keith Laumer’s works on BOLOs need not panic quite yet. Note to those folks, stand by, it won’t be long!

The tank has a 30mm machine. Those of you wanting that extra little something will be happy to discover the six missiles that it also carries.

WTF? Syria? Not our problem

There is a report that U.S. just launched more than 50 tomahawk missiles at Syria.

Can’t we stay the hell out of that civil war? More military adventures are exactly what we should avoid unless there is an immediate pressing American concern.

A bunch of Syrians gassed by Assad, so? Their country, their problem. Would it really make things better if he blew them up or shot them? Give me a freaking break!

Not one American even knows who is on who’s side in that civil war. Assad is one side and al Qaeda on the other. LET THEM KILL EACH OTHER AND STAY THE HELL OUT OF IT!!!!

Donald, put “mad dog” back on his f***ing leash and keep us out of it!

When McCain and Rubio think it is a great idea, you know it isn’t!

When Trump ran, I said that if he did what he promised with supreme court judges and gives us a wall, he can screw everything else up. I remain in Trump’s corner but I am not happy with his Syrian actions.

There are some points in favor of his action;

  • The Chinese like to test American presidents. He just bombed Syria while sitting across the table from Chinese President Xi Jinping. I think Xi got that message.
  • North Korea will see that there was no more than 48 hours from warning to strike. I am sure they understood that message
  • The Russians now know that Trump is willing to dance right in the middle of their little war, consequences be damned.
  • Iran has been getting more and more aggressive lately. Are they starting to wonder if that was a good idea?
  • At no time was a red line needed…

Again, I don’t agree with the action, but Trump has to play his hand the way he thinks best. I just hope we don’t end up with an open-ended commitment sacrificing money and blood for terrorists.