GOP Establishment Is Concerned

Gingrich, a man who I have a great deal of respect for, says Republicans Should Target Democrats, Not Their Own Party, says Trump’s Attacks On GOP Senators Are Self-Defeating.

Both articles basically make the same big point. A democrat is not going to be helpful. Both articles miss the anger against those, like Flake of Arizona, who are pretty much democrats in Republican clothing. No. No more RINO free passes. Sorry establishment, but if we need to burn it down to get rid of you, we will pay the price. For too long the RINOs have had everything their way. For too long the libtards have had the ability to grow government without restraint.

Maybe electing democrat senators will derail Trump and the agenda. So be it. There comes a time that a party must be cleaned out and consequences be damned.

Flake will lose the primary to Ward. The establishment better start planning on getting Ward elected or plan on a democrat senator from Arizona. The establishment is also going to be losing McCain. It will happen. When it does, are they going to spend what they have to to get another establishment hack? Isn’t it wonderful when the RINOs have to spend ungodly amounts of money to merely survive?

If nothing else, the establishment RINOs now know what it is like to have to actually start worrying about the voters. NO MORE FREE RIDES!

Let freedom ring, baby!

Commies in the Woodpile

The statue illegally torn down in Durnham, NC? The title of the article tells it all: “I DID THE RIGHT THING” Pro-North Korea Communist Helped Pull Down Confederate Statue…NOTE: It’s NOT About the Statues!.

The vile bimbo in question? She is a member of the Worker’s World Party. Their website will tell you all you want to know about them.

The article details:

…supports the totalitarian regime in North Korea and wants to abolish capitalism.

I don’t hear the media mentioning that. Isn’t interesting that they have time to blame everything on Trump but don’t have the time to let you know who the “protesters” are?

I don’t care about the statues one way or the other. My attitude is that a simple vote in each area would have been a better approach, but if local political poobahs want to encourage vandalism and violence, they will pay a high price later… If their voters don’t like their decision, they may pay a price at the ballot box next time an election comes around.

Note, in the name of precision, despite the title of this post, I can not confirm that any woodpiles were actually found.

Free Speech Faces Challenges

Free speech is not always something that we enjoy. Often, our values are challenged. Many times, bad language and disgusting ideas rear their ugly heads. That ugliness is the price we pay for living in a reasonably free environment. Free speech does not generate happy-happy, joy-joy posts, but it does give us the opportunity to learn from one another and hopefully grow as people.

“YouTube and Twitter and Facebook have more power than the government. If you can’t host a website or tweet, then you effectively don’t have a right to free speech.”

The Washington Post has a fascinating article, Silicon Valley escalates its war on white supremacy despite free speech concerns.

The Nazis have a site called the Daily Stormer. Monday, Godaddy decided to no longer decided to “delist” that site. That site then went to Google that then did the same. Since then, the Daily Stormer went to the dark web. In all honesty, I was rather surprised that the Nazis had not already done that. Not only do they bypass all censors, they now have a site that is a lot harder to track.

While I have no sympathy for Nazis, I do have free speech concerns. Make no mistake about it, private companies have every right to choose not to support things they find abhorrent, or do they?

Lets think this through VERY carefully. If I own a bakery, I must make wedding cakes for homosexuals and support Muslims. The fact that I might be a Christian or Jewish is ignored. If I service internet sites, I have no such obligation? If I am a mega-corp, I can cut off free speech and stop the flow of money as I see fit without any consequences? I see a big problem…

The incompatibility of those two positions shows exactly where we are. The law is now being applied differently for different political views. For those of you who need it spelled out, that is the very definition of INJUSTICE! While very few people are Nazis, and thus are not really affected, this is a slippery slope that has many negative side-effects.

The southern poverty law center, a well known schill for ultra-left discrimination and hatred is very happy with those tech companies. They see it as a victory for their side. I would expect such a reaction from thugs like them.

I see antifa as a terrorist organization. They are acting in a manner that establishes a do-it-yourself terrorist group. From stalking to attacking, they have a clear record of violence. They are not wearing masks for fun. They are doing their best to make sure they can not be identified. Yes, they are bad people.

We will NEVER see those same Silicon Valley types ban antifa sites.

The Washington Post article points out that right wing techies are responding by building parallel digital services. In other words, paypal, patreon, youtube, twitter, facebook, google, godaddy and others have kicked over a hornet’s nest. I am glad that they have. It is time to neuter those who would determine what can and can not be said. Make NO mistake about it, one way or the other, people will have their say. Information will flow. The hegemony of the mega-corps will be decentralized and many smaller organizations with take up the slack and the profits. The mega-corps have just started a battle for survival that they CAN NOT WIN.

The article lists a few of those organizations daring to form the parallel structures needed;

I look forward to seeing how Infogalactic, a Wikipedia substitute for those looking for a more neutral set of facts, develops. The Washington Post says that they are for a more alt-right type user, I don’t believe that to be correct. They are just not left or right. They are trying to stay neutral and as non-political as possible.

I want to see WeSearchr, a site for placing bounties on information, thrive. This site is a brilliant idea. It allows any person or collective of people to place a “bounty” on desired information. Think of it as wikileaks a la carte.

I hope for the success of hatreon, or a site similar to it, as a substitute for patreon. I was very concerned when people started reporting that patreon was defunding people in a tyrannical manner. I believe that their attack on Lauren Southern will be the beginning of the end for them.

The twitter killer, looks damned interesting. As twitter continues to lose users and censor the right, gab is growing. It is worth taking a look at.

While I advocate free speech, there is another reason for supporting hate sites. I want to know what the hell they are planning! Both Nazi groups and antifa are sneaky little bastards that like to pretend to be something they are not. They are very good at busting into other people’s events and committing violence. Knowing where these ass-clowns will be is the first warning that many event organizers will have. That warning is now gone.

Charlottesville Invaded By Militant Idiots

Antifa has shown their playbook in Europe. They act just like nazi brown shirts. They intimidate by ambushing anyone who is separated from their friends. They send pictures back and forth doing their best to stalk their targets. I know of one issue in Europe, at the G20 this year, where a stringer for a newspaper sent Antifa a picture of someone they were looking for and wanted to hurt. The person they wanted to hurt was merely a commentator wanting to show what was going on.

In this country, we don’t tolerate do-it-yourself terror campaigns.

The National Socialists party, neo-nazis, are typical militant socialists. They are looking for a fight. They represent a tiny fraction of people and Antifa uses that as an excuse to blame all white people for those idiots.

Both groups descended upon Charlottesville, VA. Both groups representing themselves and NOT the people of Charlottesville. Both groups are extreme socialists and racists. They have almost the same agenda, only differing on who should come out on top. The people of Charlottesville are pretty much like the rest of America. They dealing with their children going back to school, are paying bills, and aren’t looking for a damned riot that give two groups of arrogant leftists the chance to pretend to be community leaders.

Who will deal with the fall out? The people of Charlottesville. Who will blame everyone but themselves? Both Antifa and the neo-Nazis. While all of that goes on, the politicians will shuffle for position to gain a few bucks and/or votes on the other guy. The politicians have no further concern than that because they wouldn’t know what a statesman was if he came up and tapped them on the shoulder.

Understand one thing. Both sides are Americans and, thus, have every right to say whatever damned fool thing they chose to. Are they idiots? Yes. Are they entitled to be idiots? Yes. They are NOT entitled to use violence, no matter how they spin their message.

If the violence continues, no one will like what happens. Those rich politicians who think they have nothing to fear may find that the ballot box is not the only recourse Americans have… Revolutions almost always make things worse, so the trick is to make sure not to start one. The other choice to to feed the tree of liberty with the blood of patriots and tyrants.

Let freedom right, baby!

That is why she lost!

Dogs living with cats, basically the end of the world. CNN’s John King said something funny! When commenting about Hillary’s pity me parade, he said,

You don’t understand: The Russians cloaked Wisconsin,… So she couldn’t find it on a map to get there and campaign there…

When even the Clinton News Network has had enough, she has jumped the shark.

CPS Silly: Learn. Plan. Succeed

The main goal of federal government must be to defend the borders and do everything possible to assure the freedoms of we the people. The main goal of local government must be the education of the next generations. Education is critical for individual and community success. You show me a community that truly educates its young citizens, and I will show you a community that gets things done. Alas, most of the youngsters in public schools in large cities can only dream about what a real education is.

The Wall Street Journal has an article about Chicago Mayor Rahm “Tiny Dancer” Emanuel’s new graduation plan, “Learn. Plan. Succeed”. Chicago Public Schools, CPS, is saved!

Tiny Dancer’s plan is what I would expect from him. Basically, to graduate, Chicago students would have to provide proof of a plan for after graduation, “such as providing an offer letter for a job or acceptance into college or military service”. Job programs, trade or apprenticeship programs, one year travel plan, volunteer work and a few other things would also be acceptable.

Of course, illegals and students with criminal records would have exemptions.

We eventually find out what Tiny Dancer’s real scheme is: “The economy and business today require a minimum of two years post-high school.”

The CPS schools are garbage. The system allegedly graduates 66.3% of its students. The education provided by CPS is marginal. There may be a few decent schools, but there are also a lot of bad ones. One company that I know of in Chicago gives all new employees a simple test with sixth grade math questions. Few of the recent graduates can do basic math! That company has to train those new employees, all high school graduates, how to do basic math…

I would have thought the damage to the students was already extensive enough. It appears that Tiny Dancer wants to find a way to get even more funding.

There is a reason Tiny Dancer never does anything that actually has any real effect on anything. He has no solutions. He is a spend more and spend more politician. Extending CPS will become his battle cry. The teacher’s union will see the possibility for more money. The political appointees will see the possibilities for more money, more power, and all else aside, a chance to use Tiny Dancer’s two year idea as an excuse for their failures. Yet another political solution for a real world problem that screws everyone but the politicians and does nothing to solve any of the problems. Better yet, it doesn’t even mention that fact that there are problems. Tiny Dancer must be very proud of himself.

No Rahm. Your new master plan isn’t going to get Chicago any additional money. No Rohm, even voters stupid enough to put your butt in office aren’t going to believe this one. Don’t worry though. So many people are fleeing Illinois and Chicago in particular, that you probably do not have to worry.

Hey Rahm, I’ve got your next campaign promise right here: “The next Detroit, only a lot worse, coming to Chicago soon!” The best part Rahm? Many of your favorite constituents won’t be able to read the signs anyway!