Campus Oppression by the Left

Evergreen College in Washington madness explained. The video describes the entire mess wonderfully.

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“Black power” gone mad? The real end-game for liberal policies that refuse to face the real world? Yes.

It will be interesting to see if Evergreen College is still open in a year.

To paraphrase the guy in the video, when the Huffington Post calls you a liberal extremist, you must be way out there!

CPS Silly: Learn. Plan. Succeed

The main goal of federal government must be to defend the borders and do everything possible to assure the freedoms of we the people. The main goal of local government must be the education of the next generations. Education is critical for individual and community success. You show me a community that truly educates its young citizens, and I will show you a community that gets things done. Alas, most of the youngsters in public schools in large cities can only dream about what a real education is.

The Wall Street Journal has an article about Chicago Mayor Rahm “Tiny Dancer” Emanuel’s new graduation plan, “Learn. Plan. Succeed”. Chicago Public Schools, CPS, is saved!

Tiny Dancer’s plan is what I would expect from him. Basically, to graduate, Chicago students would have to provide proof of a plan for after graduation, “such as providing an offer letter for a job or acceptance into college or military service”. Job programs, trade or apprenticeship programs, one year travel plan, volunteer work and a few other things would also be acceptable.

Of course, illegals and students with criminal records would have exemptions.

We eventually find out what Tiny Dancer’s real scheme is: “The economy and business today require a minimum of two years post-high school.”

The CPS schools are garbage. The system allegedly graduates 66.3% of its students. The education provided by CPS is marginal. There may be a few decent schools, but there are also a lot of bad ones. One company that I know of in Chicago gives all new employees a simple test with sixth grade math questions. Few of the recent graduates can do basic math! That company has to train those new employees, all high school graduates, how to do basic math…

I would have thought the damage to the students was already extensive enough. It appears that Tiny Dancer wants to find a way to get even more funding.

There is a reason Tiny Dancer never does anything that actually has any real effect on anything. He has no solutions. He is a spend more and spend more politician. Extending CPS will become his battle cry. The teacher’s union will see the possibility for more money. The political appointees will see the possibilities for more money, more power, and all else aside, a chance to use Tiny Dancer’s two year idea as an excuse for their failures. Yet another political solution for a real world problem that screws everyone but the politicians and does nothing to solve any of the problems. Better yet, it doesn’t even mention that fact that there are problems. Tiny Dancer must be very proud of himself.

No Rahm. Your new master plan isn’t going to get Chicago any additional money. No Rohm, even voters stupid enough to put your butt in office aren’t going to believe this one. Don’t worry though. So many people are fleeing Illinois and Chicago in particular, that you probably do not have to worry.

Hey Rahm, I’ve got your next campaign promise right here: “The next Detroit, only a lot worse, coming to Chicago soon!” The best part Rahm? Many of your favorite constituents won’t be able to read the signs anyway!

Yvette Felarca – School Teacher – A problem to be solved

Her name, Yvette Felarca. Her organization, By Any Means Necessary, BAMN.

Put simply, she believes that she has not just the right, but the responsibility to destroy free speech. Her belief is that anything that she disagrees with MUST NOT BE HEARD, thus the name of her organization, By Any Means Necessary.

direct link to the Tucker Carlson 01/13/2017 interview.

This type of violent bimbo causes a series of reactions that are in themselves violent and quite vicious. Setting herself up as the queen of violence has consequences. Karma is one mean bitch.

That whole thing about living by the sword and dying by the sword is reasonably accurate. This violent political bully has a future that will involve her own violent death. A simple gunshot? Maybe a baseball bat to the head, several times? A knife firmly embedded between the ribs. Maybe a Mohammadan classic severed head? A Jimmy Hoffa special, wherein she disappears one day? Won’t it be fun to see just how this little street violence advocate will meet her end?

It can really only go one of two ways;

Scenario one:
Yvette, or one of her many mindless goons, will push the wrong person and then it will no longer be a matter of laws and police. If you push hard enough, you will find something you can not handle.

Scenario two:
This psycho-bitch hasn’t realized the high probability that one of her own will off her to blame someone that they want to stop from talking. Think about it. Groups that advocate violence never hesitate to use violence both INSIDE AND OUTSIDE of the movement… If someone decides they are more in tune with the needs of society, Yvette will meet up with a bad case of brain splatter. It is always amazing how many people think they have the answer… If I was Yvette, I would start watching my “friends” very closely.

Some who have left her group have an interesting site. For those who want the gory details:
Survivors of BAMN speak out

Let freedom ring, baby!

Detroit illiteracy rate at 47%

Union Strong!

I don’t think so!

An article CBS Detroit mentions the following:

Approximate 47%, nearly 200,000 people in Detroit are functionally illiterate. That means “they can’t fill out basic forms, read a prescription, or handle other tasks most Americans take for granted…”

The article also mentions “Some of the Detroit suburbs also have high numbers of functionally illiterate: 34 percent in Pontiac and 24 percent in Southfield.”

The solution in many people’s minds is more government involvement. Think about it, the same people who have created schools that don’t teach and serve as political coffers for union votes are going to “fix” the problem?

Are the people running those schools part of the 47% that are functionally illiterate? Unless the entire approach to education is changed, lots of bulldozers and pavement will be Detroit’s future. Generations of youngsters caught in the nightmare that is Detroit will not be educated and will not have any future.

The next time a politician talks about helping another country, point to Detroit. The next war some idiot wants to throw, point to Detroit. When King Barry talks about climate change, screen “BULLSHIT” and point to Detroit.

Has Detroit been run into the ground by liberal politics and Unions gone wild? Yes! Does that mean that we can ignore the problem? No, we can not. I would MUCH rather see what can be done to clean up the mess that is Detroit than invest one dollar in some Middle Eastern or African hellhole.