Muslim terrorists coated in pig parts

Every muslim who has ever handled tnt, nitro, bullets, high explosive bombs, rocket launchers or been treated for cuts injury requiring stitches, or taken antibiotics, or vitamin capsules, has been contaminated with pig products.

The ironical part is that when a suicide bomber blows himself up his body parts are impregnated with gelatine and glycerine from the explosive. Both gelatine and glycerine are manufactured from pigs worldwide… Ergo, they will never be accepted by Allah.

Ted Nugent

Antifa – black bloc terrorists

The Hill has an interesting article, Antifa activists say violence is necessary.

“While both experts on the movement and activists within it emphasize that not everyone who participates in anti-fascist activism engages in violence, they say the use of force is intrinsic to their political philosophy.”

I note that there are many who say not all Mohammedans are terrorists.

“The justification [of the use of violence] is that Nazi ideology at its very core is founded on violence and on wielding power by any means.”

Using their own logic, since antifa is the poster child for “…violence and on wielding power by any means”, I can assume that any and all who object to their brown shirt tactics are justified in eliminating them without mercy? Just to be clear, by eliminate I mean putting one or more bullets in their skulls with the intention of killing them.

As early as 2016, the Department of Homeland Security and the FBI warned state and local officials that antifa had become increasingly confrontational and were engaging in “domestic terrorist violence.”

Several large capacity magazines with an appropriate firearm or two keeps me relatively safe from scum like these. What happens when one of these useless idiots assaults the wrong person?

That is a trick question. In America, there is NO right time to assault someone for saying something you don’t agree with. If you failed to catch that, you really need to think about what freedom of speech is about.

The day of retribution is rapidly approaching. The anarchists and fascists, who love violence, are going to get their wish and learn the meaning of pain and death. The United States government has failed to do their job for far too long. Either the government guarantees our freedoms or we take those freedoms back the traditional way. The traditional way involves a civil war.

One wonders why it is called a “civil” war when it is anything but civil…

You can only push the common man so far and then the shooting starts. Once the shooting starts, there is no going back. There is no kicking the can down the road.

Let freedom ring, baby.

Afghanistan and America First

When Trump was running, I knew there was an inherent conflict between his desire to fight terrorism to the bloody end and his non-interventionist policies. When his desire to rebuild the American military was factored in, I was pretty sure that he would be forced to get involved in various adventures around the world whether he liked it or not.

When I am asked about the Afghanistan policy that he advocated last night, I am not enthusiastic, but I see where he is coming from. His success or failure will come down to Pakistan. IF he can stop terrorists from hiding there, great. If he can not but does de-fund Pakistan programs, good enough. If he fails to stop the terrorists and continues to throw money into Pakistan, he will have failed spectacularly.

I believe that North Korea will be a bigger issue in the near future because I think crazy Kim the wacky dictator will do something stupid and force our hand. Hopefully, I am completely wrong.

Why do I bring up North Korea? Aside from the fact that I think they are going to be a problem, they perfectly illustrate our issues with withdrawing from various areas of conflict around the world.

We could get the hell out of Asia. We would need to backstop Japan and South Korea while they developed their own nuke programs. Once they could launch their own missiles, we could exit without issue. That won’t happen because of self-interested parties in D.C. and the profit our allies make by having our troops and nukes support their nations.

We could easily withdraw from NATO. The congress and the senate are bound and determined to fight a war from seventy years ago with European cultures that no longer exist. Because small men with no imagination inhabit D.C., we are stuck in a European entanglement that we should go NO WHERE NEAR. Once again, the profit our allies make by having our troops and nukes support their nations factors in in a large way.

The bottom line? Until we are ready to go home and keep our powder dry, our country is going to bankrupt itself and fight never-ending wars. Our “allies” will suck our resources dry while the military-industrial complex celebrates.

Trump is not the problem, he is a symptom of the swamp that keeps getting deeper.

Free Speech Faces Challenges

Free speech is not always something that we enjoy. Often, our values are challenged. Many times, bad language and disgusting ideas rear their ugly heads. That ugliness is the price we pay for living in a reasonably free environment. Free speech does not generate happy-happy, joy-joy posts, but it does give us the opportunity to learn from one another and hopefully grow as people.

“YouTube and Twitter and Facebook have more power than the government. If you can’t host a website or tweet, then you effectively don’t have a right to free speech.”

The Washington Post has a fascinating article, Silicon Valley escalates its war on white supremacy despite free speech concerns.

The Nazis have a site called the Daily Stormer. Monday, Godaddy decided to no longer decided to “delist” that site. That site then went to Google that then did the same. Since then, the Daily Stormer went to the dark web. In all honesty, I was rather surprised that the Nazis had not already done that. Not only do they bypass all censors, they now have a site that is a lot harder to track.

While I have no sympathy for Nazis, I do have free speech concerns. Make no mistake about it, private companies have every right to choose not to support things they find abhorrent, or do they?

Lets think this through VERY carefully. If I own a bakery, I must make wedding cakes for homosexuals and support Muslims. The fact that I might be a Christian or Jewish is ignored. If I service internet sites, I have no such obligation? If I am a mega-corp, I can cut off free speech and stop the flow of money as I see fit without any consequences? I see a big problem…

The incompatibility of those two positions shows exactly where we are. The law is now being applied differently for different political views. For those of you who need it spelled out, that is the very definition of INJUSTICE! While very few people are Nazis, and thus are not really affected, this is a slippery slope that has many negative side-effects.

The southern poverty law center, a well known schill for ultra-left discrimination and hatred is very happy with those tech companies. They see it as a victory for their side. I would expect such a reaction from thugs like them.

I see antifa as a terrorist organization. They are acting in a manner that establishes a do-it-yourself terrorist group. From stalking to attacking, they have a clear record of violence. They are not wearing masks for fun. They are doing their best to make sure they can not be identified. Yes, they are bad people.

We will NEVER see those same Silicon Valley types ban antifa sites.

The Washington Post article points out that right wing techies are responding by building parallel digital services. In other words, paypal, patreon, youtube, twitter, facebook, google, godaddy and others have kicked over a hornet’s nest. I am glad that they have. It is time to neuter those who would determine what can and can not be said. Make NO mistake about it, one way or the other, people will have their say. Information will flow. The hegemony of the mega-corps will be decentralized and many smaller organizations with take up the slack and the profits. The mega-corps have just started a battle for survival that they CAN NOT WIN.

The article lists a few of those organizations daring to form the parallel structures needed;

I look forward to seeing how Infogalactic, a Wikipedia substitute for those looking for a more neutral set of facts, develops. The Washington Post says that they are for a more alt-right type user, I don’t believe that to be correct. They are just not left or right. They are trying to stay neutral and as non-political as possible.

I want to see WeSearchr, a site for placing bounties on information, thrive. This site is a brilliant idea. It allows any person or collective of people to place a “bounty” on desired information. Think of it as wikileaks a la carte.

I hope for the success of hatreon, or a site similar to it, as a substitute for patreon. I was very concerned when people started reporting that patreon was defunding people in a tyrannical manner. I believe that their attack on Lauren Southern will be the beginning of the end for them.

The twitter killer, looks damned interesting. As twitter continues to lose users and censor the right, gab is growing. It is worth taking a look at.

While I advocate free speech, there is another reason for supporting hate sites. I want to know what the hell they are planning! Both Nazi groups and antifa are sneaky little bastards that like to pretend to be something they are not. They are very good at busting into other people’s events and committing violence. Knowing where these ass-clowns will be is the first warning that many event organizers will have. That warning is now gone.

Darren Osborne, a misunderstood victim?

The Guardian has some interesting details about the Finsbury Park incident.

Darren Osborne, 47 year old non-Mohammedan man is alleged to have said:

“I want to kill all Muslims”

He is reported to have left 1 dead and 11 injured. The police did indicate, “the man who died was already being treated for an unrelated ailment”. Another way of saying that is to question if the “victim” was killed or merely died at an unfortunate time…

Following in the tradition of American and British media, I will make the following statement:

Darren is not representative of all non-Mohammedan people. He is but one individual and it would be wrong to blame all non-Mohammedan people for the actions of one man, who may just be mentally ill or possibly an irate soccer fan.

While his actions are wrong, he has a cultural reason for what he may have done. Non-Mohammedan people, the primary victims of Mohammedan terrorism, have little outlet for their fears and concerns. Add in a media that is bound and determined to cover up the truth about the Mohammedan actions, and you end up with a powder keg.

Darren is merely the symptom of oppressed non-Mohammedan people everywhere. The British and American news services that continually report fake news and refuse to tell the truth are the ones who created this situation. The politicians who refuse to stop Mohammedan violence have created fear and hatred. The Mohammedan terrorists planted seeds, reporters watered those seeds with the blood of the victims, and the politicians were willfully blind.

I note that ISIS Has Instructed Muslims to Run Over Non-Muslims With Cars quite a few times. Maybe Darren read one of ISIS’s articles? There is an old religious phrase, “what goes around, comes around”. Darren treated them as they would treat him. Darren may just be a man who wants to experience the Islamic culture in his own way.

My prayers and support go to all of those oppressed by Mohammedan terrorism. I hope that Darren is safe and not injured by Mohammedan killers. I would hate to see a non-Mohammedan push-back.

What about my condolences? See this page for a list of Mohammedan terrorism in just 2017. Since 25% of Mohammedans support Jihad, there is a good chance that one or more of the dead person’s family supports Jihad… Don’t expect condolences from me until the Mohammedan terrorism issue is resolved… PERMANENTLY.

Iran Gets to Share the Fun

Breitbart reports some interesting news from Iran, Several Wounded by Gunmen in Attacks on Iran Parliament, Tomb: Reports.

As China has learned with its’ off the leash dog, North Korea, you must be careful with your monsters.

Iran has done a lot to build up ISIS and has now started paying a price. Iran has a population that would be happy to see the muhlas go away. If they choose to do so, ISIS can create far more mayhem in Iran than they ever created in England. Add the mutual hatred between Arabs and Persians, and we may the beginnings of an interesting situation.

If our intelligence agencies were on their toes, they would be sending in “supplementary” specialists to hit a few important targets and give ISIS credit…

If this turns out to be a one time thing, I will be genuinely disappointed.

Technical note. Yes, I do realize that ISIS is Sunni and thus really a product of Arabs and Saudi Arabia. I am also aware that Iran funds Hezbollah, Hamas, the Taliban, militias in Iraq,. and others In reality, Iran’s continual use of terrorism as a proxy to fight its’ perceived enemies both encouraged others to find and or create their own proxies and encouraged other factions to ramp up their operations. The situation has been spurred on by Iran’s policies.

One of the issues that Westerners MUST address is the over complication of the issues. I don’t care if it is an Arab or a Persian. I don’t care if it is Shia or Sunni. A terrorist is a terrorist. They tend to have one thing in common, Mohammedanism. When it is all said and done, eliminate that religion, eliminate the problem.