Laura Huhtasaari Fighting for Finland

“The game is really brutal … No-one is in politics looking for friends.”

Reuters has an interesting article, Presidential hopeful wants Finland out of EU, says nationalists will bounce back

Finnish MP Laura Huhtasaari

Finnish MP Laura Huhtasaari at SuomiAreena in Pori, Finland, 2016.
Photo by: Soppakanuuna

Laura Huhtasaari (pronounced “huh-tah-sorry”), has some big goals;

  • Finland will leave the European Union
  • Tighten Immigration Rules

January 28, 2018 is Finland’s next big election.

With 70% of the Finns supporting EU membership, she has little chance of immediate success. she is building her brand and getting the message out.

“Things happen slowly when you’re fighting against the hegemony… I still have time before the elections”

She supports President Donald Trump and Britain’s former UK Independence Party leader Nigel Farage. Laura believes the eurosceptic movement will be the future.

It will be interesting to see how she does.

Franco would be proud!

See what happens in the EU when the powers that be are challenged! In the article Catalonia Referendum Livewire: Spain Moves to Suppress Vote Which ‘Runs Counter to Goals and Ideal of the EU’, we see the real fascists come out to play.

The region’s leaders organised a referendum on establishing Catalonia as an independent republic in 2014, which was approved with over 80 per cent of the votes cast — but Spain, backed by the European Union, refused to recognise it.

Ever since the Brexit vote, the EU has been simmering. They want to strike out at someone and Catalonia just won the prize.

The statement: ‘Runs Counter to Goals and Ideal of the EU’ sums everything up perfectly. The unaccountable faceless oligarchy that is the EU leadership is angry. The little people must be silenced…

Under Franco, Spain was an unapologetic fascist state. During that time, they also had some very serious terrorists. I think Spain is about to go back to the bad old days. This time, they don’t have a Franco to clean up the mess. While he was considered to be a bit of a loon, I guarantee he was 100% efficient when compared to the modern day EU leadership! Franco also had some concern for Spain, the EU doesn’t give a rip about any nation, only the oligarch’s power.

This WILL get far more ugly.

Catalan Vote

20 Minutos has a fun article, La Guardia Civil entra al CTTI para asegurar la suspensión de los servicios de voto y recuento el 1-O.

Basically, Catalana is trying to take a vote for independence from Spain. It isn’t going over well with the powers-that-be…

Sixteen agents from the Civil Guard are at the Telecommunications center in Barcelona to stop the Catalan vote for independence. The center handles all the digital and telecommunications for Catalan.

One comment, by a entropia2, stated it nicely:

el problema de España con cataluña y con el resto de España es el psoe. el Psoe actual es antiespañol

which translates as:

the problem between Spain and Catalan is the PSOE, the PSOE is anti-spanish.

In other words, the government leaders are EU wann-be tyrants and the populace is sick of them. PSOE, the Spanish Socialist Workers’ Party is siding with the PP, The People’s Party to try to suppress the vote. The big issue is that that same PSOE is always talking down and hostile towards a unified Spain! PSOE sold the anti-Spain line of garbage and now people are acting on it… Oooops. PSOE is always talking about a “federated” structure, but has never had any real details.

Another issue is the fact that Spain is a bunch of autonomous communities. Catalan has its own language. You can find Catalan at the eastern most tip of Spain. Think about that. Their own culture, land, and language… That pretty much defines the basics of an independent nation.

In November of 2015, Catalan lawmakers approved a plan for succession from Spain by 2017 with a 72 to 63 vote. The Spanish Constitutional Court said no, but the Catalan government said go to hell. They declared a vote on October 1st of 2017 to let the people decide on independence. Being EU thugs, the government staged a raid on September 20th to gather up the ring leaders.

While the federal government is stuck on stupid, the Catalan lawmakers have some pretty damned big problems as well. Declaring independence is only the beginning. Do they think they can survive as an independent country? What will they do about a central treasury? What about existing contracts?

Since everyone is being an idiot, everyone is screwed. This is going to be ugly.

GOP Establishment Is Concerned

Gingrich, a man who I have a great deal of respect for, says Republicans Should Target Democrats, Not Their Own Party, says Trump’s Attacks On GOP Senators Are Self-Defeating.

Both articles basically make the same big point. A democrat is not going to be helpful. Both articles miss the anger against those, like Flake of Arizona, who are pretty much democrats in Republican clothing. No. No more RINO free passes. Sorry establishment, but if we need to burn it down to get rid of you, we will pay the price. For too long the RINOs have had everything their way. For too long the libtards have had the ability to grow government without restraint.

Maybe electing democrat senators will derail Trump and the agenda. So be it. There comes a time that a party must be cleaned out and consequences be damned.

Flake will lose the primary to Ward. The establishment better start planning on getting Ward elected or plan on a democrat senator from Arizona. The establishment is also going to be losing McCain. It will happen. When it does, are they going to spend what they have to to get another establishment hack? Isn’t it wonderful when the RINOs have to spend ungodly amounts of money to merely survive?

If nothing else, the establishment RINOs now know what it is like to have to actually start worrying about the voters. NO MORE FREE RIDES!

Let freedom ring, baby!

I contribute some doggerel

The Face of Sad News:

Trying to end the fad,
Americans must have been had!

Always mad,
always sad.

CNN has it bad,
Treating Trump as a Cad.

The news is faked,
the lies are so half-baked.

He just keeps winning,
SJWs will tell you it’s past the ninth inning!

The people are so damned determined,
he going to finish his term and,
smash the vicious news vermin,
and tick off all the socialist Germans!

He is making America great again,
go ahead and break out the champagne!

France, socialist to the end

France had an election on May 7th, 2017. Le Pen is a woman whose family has been in French politics for a long time. They have pretty much always been losers. She is NOT an outsider, just a loser. She debated Macron and didn’t kick his ass. He is a first time candidate and should have been easy meat. In reality, both candidates are socialists. I can see where the French people would not be all that impressed by her lack of abilities.

Macron is a nut-bag. He also appears to have a lot of money in a hidden off-shore account… Probably a crook as well as a dumb-ass. I can see where there wouldn’t be much hope there. 9% of those who voted, left the president ballot blank.

Macron just won the election today with a 30% advantage. 28% of eligible voters voted. About 70% of the country has indicated that they are going to “resist” his administration.

Rumor has it that Le Pen is waiting for the next election, because people will be ready to vote for her after Macron screws up. Honestly, does she actually believe that? The National Front, Le Pen’s party, has two whole members in Parliament, the Parlement français. There are 925 members in total, 348 in the Senate and 577 in the National Assembly. She would have been able to choose the prime minister, but that appointment can be thrown out by the National Assembly at any time. She could of then forced a new election of the National Assembly, by “dissolving” it. Note that President Jacques Chirac did that in 1993 and it went really badly. It isn’t as if Le Pen could have done nor ever will be able to actually accomplish anything anyway.

Understand, France is socialist and EU to the bitter end. I think the EU has maybe eight more years left, at best. If I were French, I would start stocking up for what is coming.

Viva la … never mind. Allah owns a snack bar!

Netherlands heads towards Hell


I watched the Netherlands returns (english) live on youtube:

direct link

The broadcast starts at 5 minutes in.

The Dutch chose the wrong path. Will the Netherlands survive? The good news is that a liberal coalition in the Netherlands usually falls in about two years. Can they survive a continuation of the migrant invasion? I have serious doubts.

Fact: 450,000 Turkish immigrants vs 48,000 dutch troops.

Rutte is the current Prime Minister of the Netherlands. He is soft on immigration and will NOT stand up to the Muhammadans. Geer Wildeers is a Dutch statesman who has been warning about the Sharia issue. He has had to fight all of the EU to get the message out. You can read more about him at wikipedia.

There are 150 seats total. Wilder’s PVV party is going from 12 to 20 seats, up 8. The VVD, Rutte’s party, is supposed to end up with 33 from the prior 43, down 10.

Interesting quote by an observer: “It’s diplomatic until it is war.”

Interesting quote by an unnamed Dutch politician: “We have landed in Hell and the politicians in Brussels are dancing.”

What are the right wingers going to do? “We are going to do what the Democrats are trying to do to Trump. We will make it so that they can not govern.”

In the run up to the election, Turkey’s President Tayyip Erdoan tried to send a government minister into the Netherlands to advocate for Turkish immigrants to vote against Wilder’s PVV party. The current prime minister said no, because he feared for the minister’s safety. Erdoan was furious… When the prime minister of Turkey starts treating your country as a vassal, you might want to start thinking VERY carefully!

An interesting story. The D66 party was originally created by young intellectuals in 1966 to advocate more binding public referendums. They are now the biggest opponents of binding public referendums! The D66 party was up by about 7 seats!