Ramifications of Chatbots, Filtering, AI

I came up with an interesting question today.

Assume a chatbot directs a black male to a restaurant in a bad area of town and the man is shot. Assume his attorney states in court that the chatbot, which uses AI and deep data mining, is racist and that caused his client to be a a place wherein he was shot. Factor in the AI and lack of absolute proof as to why the bot made the decision that it did. Assume the attorney wants all of the data available to show a comparison of minorities sent to that establishment. If the numbers show that blacks are more likely to be sent there, is that racism? Whether it is or not, it will be perceived as such by some. Does that mean that to avoid race based law suits and bad PR, the AI will be instructed to point an equal percentage of whites to that same establishment, big data be damned, for the sole purpose of avoiding litigation? Would that not then nullify the whole point of the AI? The attorney just received all of that data. I’m not even mentioning the value of the data the attorney has just obtained nor digging into the massive privacy issues.

An example that a lot of people are discussing and is very relevant right now, who should your car kill? If your car is coming up to an intersection filled with little children and old people and will not be able to stop in time, should it kill the old folks or and youngsters? What if it is a choice between driving your over a cliff or forcing the school bus, filled with young tykes, over the edge?

Short answer, attorneys are going to be enjoying AI and its’ lawsuits for many years to come.

A concise history of the law and AI can be found in an article, Chatbots, social media and the law. His article does a wonderful job of touching on the data sharing, usage, and privacy issues involved. Those issues are not minor!

An article How law firms are taking advantage of the latest advancements in AI points out that those same lawyers are starting to use AI for:

“Chatbots are able to screen potential clients, learn about their requirements and even offer basic legal advice – a huge help to those who cannot afford it.Chatbots are able to screen potential clients, learn about their requirements and even offer basic legal advice – a huge help to those who cannot afford it.Chatbots are able to screen potential clients, learn about their requirements and even offer basic legal advice – a huge help to those who cannot afford it.”

Am I the only one who sees potential nightmares? No. Scientific American has a nice article, Will Democracy Survive Big Data and Artificial Intelligence? that gives a very through high-level view of the problems and potentials with AI.

Interestingly, I come back to a statement from Jurassic Park by Michael Crichton,

“Scientists are actually preoccupied with accomplishment. So they are focused on whether they can do something. They never stop to ask if they should do something.”

I believe the same can be said of computer scientists. Make no mistake, a new world is coming. There are going to be challenges. I don’t have the answers but I do know one thing. Anyone who tells you that they do have the answers is either a fool or a con man or an AI developer…

NSA Hacking Tools are Now In The Wild

An April 14, 2017 article in The Intercept states the worst case scenario has occurred with the NSA’a cyber attack package. According to the article, an entity called “The ShadowBrokers”,

“…today released another cache of what appears to be extremely potent (and previously unknown) software capable of breaking into systems running Windows. The software could give nearly anyone with sufficient technical knowledge the ability to wreak havoc on millions of Microsoft users.”

While the world has been worrying about North Korea, a potentially far worse disaster is in the making. A digital attack package, created by some of the most brilliant talent the United States has, is now in the hands of everyone. Script kiddies will shortly have access to an attack suite that has the potential to spread havoc around the world. The Russian hackers who specialize in cyber-crime have just been handed a tool package better than they have ever had access to before. Hostile governments will now have access to parts of the United States infrastructure that I do not want to even think about.

Instead of spending the next hour telling you just how bad this could be, just trust me, it is really bad. The important question right now is what to do about it?

My understanding is that the attack modules are just for “computers running version of the Windows operating system earlier than the most recent Windows 10”. If your computer is running Windows 10 with all of the patches, you may be safe… I doubt that you are, you will need to decide for yourself. Servers, especially Windows 2008, the most used version, are definitely vulnerable!

Individual home users, if possible, should strongly consider using Linux, Macs, and Chromebooks as much as possible and just don’t use Windows.

Office environments and servers are going to be a tricky problem. Many are still running Windows 7, 8, and 8.1. Pretty much all Windows servers are vulnerable. Now is the time to consider thinking outside the box. I consider good backups to be the first step in ANY security plan. If you are responsible for your company’s network, NOW is the time to leverage online, real-time backups of data. Consider upgrading to the latest and greatest version of Windows if you believe that the latest version is safe. If you are not current on updates, make that your first priority. I would have a couple of live versions of Linux ready to go. It is cheap insurance and will allow people to do some Office 365 stuff online while you are dealing with any issues that pop up.

While it is not much, that is all we can do for now. Realize that there are going to be major data leaks and disruption in the near future. If I was Microsoft, I would be pulling out all of the stops right now. If I were the NSA, I would be doing everything I could to help Microsoft BEFORE everything goes south…

Good luck!

Intelligence People Can’t Win

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The entire concept of intelligence agencies in a representative republic is that they CAN NEVER BE USED FOR POLITICAL GAMES! Evelyn Farkas worked for Obama and didn’t agree with that. Because Obama did everything he could to make sure anyone and everyone could use the intelligence reports for political gain, we now have a LOT of problems.

The unspoken and unwritten agreement between the people and the intelligence services is simple. As long as you are using whatever information you collect strictly to keep the nation as a whole safe from foreign threats and you keep what you know to yourself and do not use that information against citizens, no one is going to ask questions. Once that pact is violated, hostility sets in. Even assuming the best of motives and highest levels of character by all of the players, anger and rage are understandable. Obama and his evil self-serving minions may have done so much damage to the nation with this one series of evil machinations that we may never recover.

Can any intelligence agency ever assume that the raw intelligence data will stay safe from politicians playing games? No.

Can any informant ever assume the politicians won’t get their name? No.

Once the data from the intelligence reports was used as a political weapon, the entire intelligence infrastructure becomes suspect.

After seeing this person’s statements, I now have to assume that FBI Director James Comey and NSA head Michael Rogers lied to the House Intelligence Committee. They claimed that there was no wiretapping. They claimed that unmasking an American citizen practically takes an act of God. We can not afford to play games with this. Unfortunately for them, Evelyn pointed out that it was very easy to do…

Positive civilian control of the intelligence apparatus is critical in a free nation. We need to start with Comey and Rogers going to jail for a very long time. It needs to happen NOW.

Thank God Jeff Sessions is Attorney General. Oh, wait, he recused himself as demanded by the Democrats. Democrats that are up to their asses in this mess. Bet those Democrats don’t recuse themselves…

This is a mess that can not be left as it is.

Alexa and the CIA

Breitbart has an article about Amazon’s Alexa being asked if she works for the
CIA. One of the viewers comments was gold:

My girlfriend asked me why I carried a gun around the house all the time. I told her it was to protect against the CIA. She laughed. I laughed. Alexa laughed. I shot Alexa.

Username “No Scope” commenting in an article in: Breitbart

What privacy?

Since the elitist political class in this nation does not believe that the common people deserve the protection of an effective border, why should we believe that they are entitled to private e-mail?

Aren’t these political, would-be tyrants the same people who believe that privacy for the individual must be tightly regulated? Aren’t they the same ones who are looking for more and more ways to limit access to firearms? Aren’t these people the same ones who complain about the “wild-west” of opinions being expressed?

Wikileaks has done us a favor showing the scum for what they are.

Let freedom ring, baby!

Quick intro to the Dark Net

I read an article that said the following: If you use Tails, a Linux distribution, or TOR or read the Linux Journal, the NSA classifies you as an extremist. Well, I qualify under all three. Great, that is all I freaking need! Since the NSA loves me so damned much, I am writing this article. I’m not publishing anything that can’t be found thousands of other places on the web, but I feel like I am doing something to fight for privacy.

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