Dray Prescot series in German – book 1

When I was a teenager, circa 1976-1980, I read the English language version of the Dray Prescot series. It is total popcorn sword fantasy and a lot of fun. I have access to the entire series in German. Interestingly, only 45 of the 53 books were published in English, the German editions include all 53 books.

This looks like an opportunity to revisit a fun series and read a few of the books that aren’t in English!

I just finished the first book, Transit nach Scopio (Transit to Scorpio). It was exactly what I remembered. Simple plots, lots of action, and a popcorn factor that is through the roof.

Let the adventure begin!

I have not been practicing my German lately and this book reminded me of that fact rather aggressively! I spent far more time with Google’s translation page than I am happy with. I will have to do better.

Dray Prescot is an 19th century sailor with a lot of experience on the high seas. One day, he is magically transported to the planet Scorpio. There, he does all of the required hero tasks. He rescues the princess. He fights against slavery. He adjusts some people’s bad attitudes. He ends up with the princess. He ends the book magically transported back to Earth but vows to return to Scorpio and his main squeeze.