These are not the droids you are looking for, or are they?

The Guardian has an article, German ‘robot priest’ helps mark Reformation anniversary. The ‘robot priest’, named “BlessU-2”, can deliver blessings in five languages. The robot is part of an exhibition to celebrate the 500 years since Martin Luther wrote Ninety-five Theses.

Atlas Obscura points out:

As it says in the Book of Romans, “Those who are in the flesh cannot please God.”

The robot has that covered!

Watch a typical interaction:

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The Daily Mail has an article, Fall in love with Harmony: World’s only ‘talking’ sex doll has 18 personalities, answers your questions and even remembers your favourite meal’. Real Doll just keeps innovating!

Watch an interaction (definitely NOT a typical interaction, I assume!):

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The sex robot AI package, and a cute package it is, makes me ask the following question, how good is the AI? I know iPhone is going to be putting a simple AI in the next version of the phone. I know Google’s AlphaGO just won against the world’s best GO player. A lot of companies are highly motivated to start packing simple AI into their products. The doll already has speech recognition and is capable of generating verbal output.

I would love to see one of the Real Dolls naked. By that I mean without the outer “skin”. I would love to see the skeletal framework. I will bet it is one hell of a construction.

Creepy or not, it is damned interesting use of technology!

When are they going to fit the BlessU-2 with AI?

I found it fascinating. Draw your own conclusions.

Real Humans a/k/a Äkta Människor, season 2

I’ve just finished watching the second season of Real Humans a/k/a Äkta Människor. It is in both Swedish and German. I have enough German to fake it. The series is shot in Sweden and is a Swedish production. Fifty different countries have bought rights to the series which may mean access the this series or licensing to make there own version. In the United States, where I am, the UK variant, called Humans, is playing.

Short version of the plot is as follows. Near future Sweden with androids, called Hubots, are common. They look human, can act human, and are intelligent. They are programmed to follow orders. Throw in a virus and some black market deals and we are off to the races.

BRILLIANT! The characters are all believable. The story line is well thought out and thoughtful. The questions raised are the right ones. The interactions between the humans, the Hubots, and the humans and Hubots are quality interactions all the way through.

Ethical questions like, sex with Hubots good or bad? Can Hubots experience love? Can people and Hubot fall in love and marry? If you kill a Hubot it is just property damage, right?

They were planning on a third season, but it looks like they won’t be able to make it happen. The second season ended a little abruptly but all of the major questions were dealt with.

This is a MUST SEE series. I doubt that the series Humans can compete with the series Real Humans, because Real Humans pretty much did EVERYTHING right.