Canadian Supreme Court Runs Wild!

A Slashdot find, Google Must Delete Search Results Worldwide, Supreme Court of Canada Rules.

Since Canada can tell Google what to show in its’ search results around the world, I have an idea. I will proclaim myself the president for life of a micronation. It will be a virtual, online micronation. I will tell Google that all references to purchasing books must point to my national tribute site. There are quite a few micronations, one more can’t hurt!

I’m thinking this is going to work out just great!

Pardon me, I need to go design a flag and begin editing the governmental stamps. Watch out Jeff Bezos, I now have a master-plan.

Korean BBQ

A Breitbart article, Street Artist Mocks Kim Jong-Un with ‘Trump North Korean BBQ’ Posters in a fun look at some of the latest works by Los Angeles-based street artist provocateur Sabo. His latest work of art has a picture of Kim Jon-un with an apple in his mouth and his body attached to a BBQ spit. The caption on the photo is: “Trump Korean BBQ”.

What is really interesting is the reader comments. Here are a few highlights;

“Why did the chicken cross the road?
Answer: To escape North Korea’s long range missiles.”

“Kim Jong-Un is so short he can sit on a dime.”

“Art of the Squeal” with free delivery from the U.S Fleet!

“The sun’s rays insult leftists. Men are taller and so they hit men first, it’s very sexist, the sun.”

L.A. Times begins to really fear THE WALL

The L.A. Times is bringing the propaganda: Trump promised a border wall. Now these Texans worry the government will take their land

The L.A. Times is once again using a large shovel. They are claiming that “…these Texans worry the government will take their land”.

Here is a simple question for those vile libtards. How many people living on the border are BEGGING for a wall? How many communities are being bankrupted because they have illegals draining all of the public services?

One guy has a story about fear of losing his land. His family has owned 1,300 acres of ranch land for over 250 years. Unless all 1,300 acres form a strip a few feet wide right next to the border for a very long distance, he isn’t going to miss what little land is needed.

Isn’t ironic that the L.A. Times, champion of screwing the white working class, now has sympathy for a land owner? It’s a fucking miracle!

“It’s a beautiful piece of land, just like it was when the original settlers came over,”

Does that also include the rape trees?

direct link

When the settlers came over, where they carrying lots of illegal drugs? When the settlers came over, didn’t we have laws that were VERY aggressively enforced? If you want to return to the time of the settlers, lets get some rope and hang some drug runners. We can shoot the drug smugglers in the morning and hang the rapists in the afternoon. We can shoot the welfare cheats on Saturdays. Oh, you really aren’t all that into the time of the settlers? In other words, what you mean by “the settlers” is a very narrowly defined set of circumstances that you are using to gloss over the realities.

U.S. Rep Henry Cuellar, a Democrat ass-hat, says:

“In Texas, we have a long tradition of private property rights. Any time big government starts using eminent domain and taking land — especially the valuable part, access to water — then it becomes a battle cry. Lawsuits will definitely be coming in.”

Does that same ass-hat speak of property rights when illegals come over the border, kill livestock, kill Americans, and generally trash a ranch in their rush to steal from the American people? When illegals come over the border carrying several uncurable diseases, does Cuellar give a damned? Cuellar is, at best, a hypocrite. Can you spell d-e-m-a-g-o-g-u-e?

A detailed report on illegals and diseases can be found here. A very short summary:

  • Malaria has been discovered in the blood supply.
  • Dengue has now occured in the United States.
  • Leprosy, now known as Hansen’s Disease. From 2002 to 2005, there were 9,000 cases almost all illegals.
  • Mexico has ten times the US levels of Tuberculosis. Do the math.
  • Chagas Disease, mostly illegals, between 100,000 and 500,000.
  • Twice the rate of Latino women in California than white women have HIV.

The article mentions “a hot spot for drug smugglers and for Central American families and unaccompanied children seeking asylum”… Gee, I think we see the reason for the wall, do’t we?

The tool being used by the L.A. Times says,

“Some people feel if you put up a fence that’s a way to secure the border, but in my opinion that only gives a false sense of security.”

Ah, I note that the White House has a fence. I note that house speaker Ryan’s home has a fence. I note that the demonocratic convention has TWO walls around it. I’m thinking walls do work. I think the tool knows that…

As Trump continues his presidency, the L.A. Times, and others, are going to howl. I am loving every minute of it!

North Korea and a 280-kiloton bomb

Kim Jong-un may be about to finally fall. Like other tyrants, he may take a lot of good people with him.

Breitbart has an interesting article quoting Thae Yong-ho, a former North Korean embassy official, who became one of the highest-ranking defectors from his country.

Kim and the gang are planning on a 280-kiloton nuclear blast in Punggye-ri, not far from China. This is the making of the ideal storm. If Punggye-ri is badly contaminated, there is a good chance that areas of North Hamkyong Province would NO LONGER BE UNDER THE CONTROL OF NORTH KOREA.

If I lived in North Korea and I knew that there was an exit, I’d go for it. Lets assume that starving North Koreans are going to take that path. China does not fear Kim Jong-un. China does not fear the North Korean Army, which may not be the right call. China DOES fear the idea of a tidal wave of one or two million starving North Koreans fleeing the worker’s paradise hellhole. What if those refugees have just gone through an area contaminated by fallout?

Lets up the ante. If this scenario begins, two things absolutely WILL happen. There will be an internal North Korean power struggle, meaning even less control of the borders. China will do everything it can to seal the borders, but how many Chi-coms are going to want to be exposed to fallout… Think about what I’m saying. No controls at this critical moment on the North Korean side. Panic, for damned good reason, on the Chinese side.

One last thought. Imagine you are a dictator trying to hang on to power, what do you do? I’m thinking, at this point during the nightmare, Kim Jong-un launches an attack on South Korea and blames all of this crap on the United States.

I don’t think this president is the sort to take the joke. I think that if things get ugly, American troops are going to be attacking North Korea. I’m thinking that this president isn’t going to worry a bit about the United Nations. I’m thinking that South Korea may actually be a minor player, really!

Strap on your seat-belts boys and girls! This could get very interesting.

Note that “interesting” is defined, in this case, as in the Chinese saying “may you live in interesting times”. I’m not talking action/adventure movie, I’m talking misery and violence with horrid human suffering.

Where the hell did I put that Geiger counter?

Let freedom ring, baby!



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