Don’t give Bill Clinton the keys!

I was shocked to read, Former Joint Chiefs Chair: Bill Clinton Lost the Nuclear Codes for Months.

The chairman of the Joint Chiefs, Gen. Huh Shelton, in his book published in 2010, pointed out:

“…President Bill Clinton lost the nuclear codes for months at the end of his administration. In contrast to the dogged reporting of the Trump presidency, the press did not uncover that Clinton did not have access to the U.S. nuclear arsenal.”

“White House aides refused to show the codes to a monthly inspection from the Department of Defense, telling the DoD officials “that Clinton took the codes seriously.” This happened again at the next monthly inspection, and no one from the DoD realized that Clinton had lost the codes until it was time to replace them.”

In other words, not only did Bill LOSE the keys to the nuclear arsenal, but he then had his aides cover it up, endangering everyone so that he would not be embarrassed! His pride subjected the entire world to massive danger.

Every time I think the damage done by the Clintons and the Obamas is done, another major act of treason appears. I have nothing but contempt for such egomaniacs!