Going Commando In the Digital Age

A note on “security”. Since we now know about the Spectre flaw making CPUs built in the last fifteen years unsecured AND we know about the WPA2 wifi wireless protocol Krack, Key Reinstallation AttaCK, vulnerability, there is NO real security.

When our wireless connections are as secure and a toddler’s toy box and our CPUs offer access to the keys to the kingdom, we can not say ANYTHING is secure. There are those saying that the CPU problem will require new hardware. Okay, what hardware are they planning on buying? Since everything built in the last 15 years is vulnerable, we will need to wait for all new processors. Those processors are going to have to change the way information is exchanged between processes… Can you say alpha or maybe beta hardware? Anyone who trusts the first generation of any technology is out of their mind. A massive change to the internals of CPUs is going to be a BIG gamble!

I believe the CPU issue will be solved in three to five years. The wifi issue may actually take a little longer, but most business users will be up to snuff in five years.

This is going to take a long time to fix.