I Read The Dictionary of Made-Up Languages: From Elvish to Klingon, The Anwa (Real) Origins of Invented Lexicons

During my vaction, last week, I read:

The Dictionary of Made-Up Languages: From Elvish to Klingon, The Anwa (Real) Origins of Invented Lexicons

By Stephen D. Rogers

It is setup like an encyclopedia. Pick your language and read the details. I learned that Angoroj was the first Esperanto movie, beating Incubus by one year. See my blog posting, http://schreckschraube.com/btblog/late-breaking-esperanto-trivia/, for more details.

The language used in the Superman comics started out as a 118 letter Krypotnese alphabet. In 2000, D.C. Comics changed to the Kryponian language, with Kryptonian symbols with a one-for-one correlation with characters from the native language(s) of the buying public in each market country.
I found out that Rope is a line in English, French, and Spanish. I looked it up and found out it is Leine in German.

The Tenctonses Language has always been an interesting one to me. In the 1988 movie, Alien Nation, the used the following method to come up with the sound of the alien dialogue. Van Ling used Chinese, Samoan, and German.

In the television series, they were cheesy and used English words or backwards spellings. The Tenctonese signage, in the Fox television series, was based on Pitman Shorthand. What makes this interesting is that Pitman Shorthand was replaced around 1890 by Gregg Shorthand. Anyone trained in shorthand would probably not have been exposed to the older standard! Clever people those fox television signage guys!

The schism between the Esperanto and Ido people was nicely explained. The schism between the Loglan and Lojban is covered nicely.

I found interesting sites on the internet for various languages like Vulcan, Na’vi (which now has over 1,500 words and a grammar), The Divine Language (from The Fifth Element, has 400 official words), Encantadia (Filipino television series, do not ask!), and quite a few others.

I indicated that you shouldn’t ask, but okay, what is Encantadia? It is a Filipino series with magic and lots of music and dancing. They also toss in a little bit of the whole transformation thing, similar to Power Rangers but with robes and swords and a few more Earthy colors. Apparently, the Filipino language wasn’t challenging enough and was far too accessible, so they came up with a constructed language just to make things even more interesting. For those who don’t understand Filipino, don’t worry, they also have it in Tagalog! There may be an English version floating around somewhere. imdb.com says there is but I’m not finding it… What little I know, other than watching a couple of youtube videos is covered by: http://www.reference.com/browse/encantadia. Last piece of Encantadia trivia, it is related to Mulawin. Mulawin is a series with a many of the same characters but it is not linked with Encantadia… Yes, this is one of those deals.

On a completely unrelated issue, am I the only one who notices the country is named Philippines and its people are Filipinos? Why not Philiponos or the Filipines? Has anyone discussed standardizing the whole PH versus F in that country? Just an idea…