Movie Targets

A quick peek at my current list of movies that I might want to look into.

03/17/2017 Interstellar Civil War / Star Warfare Rangers and the Cyborg Witch of Endor
(Because of its connection to The Warlord: Battle for the Galaxy / Osiris Chronicles which SHOULD HAVE BEEN A SERIES!)
09/16/2017 Before We Vanish
Sanpo suru shinryakusha
10/20/2017 Geostorm
tba Six Billion Dollar Man
July 20 2018 Alita: Battle Angel

Alita:Battle Angel just might be worth seeing. The trailer looks good but, knowing how the game has been played, that may be the best parts of the movie… The anime movie was okay.

I will occasionally update this page as new movies come out and other movies have been seen. The harsh truth is that there just isn’t much worth seeing this year.

Update, this year is TERRIBLE! I’ve looked at some trailers for the coming releases and the rest of this year is looking horrid!

Television series that I may watch:

Amazon Prime Electric Dreams 2018
Amazon Prime Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan 2018
syfy Degenerate 12/6/2017
Amazon Prime Beyond 8/7/2017