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It all started on the week of 12/14/2009. I was thinking more and more about purchasing a copy of the Reason 4 synthesizer software. While I was discussing the subject with someone at work, he made a brilliant point. He said "In music, everything starts with the keyboard." I've been approaching that thought for the last couple of years, but he summarized that simple, yet brilliant observation, with elegant brevity. The more I think about it, the more obvious it becomes. To truly gain a handle on the basics of music theory, I really need to get a little experience with a keyboard.

On 12/19/2009, I read the book "Play Piano in a Flash!" by Scott "The Piano Guy" Houston.

I have access to a keyboard and I have started playing with the basics. After reading the book, I've started working on playing a couple of tunes. My hunt-and-peck approach seems to be basically working with the right hand. The whole left hand plays the chords is going to take some serious time to do right.

In all of my time practicing the guitar, I never learned how to derive the chords (major, minor, seventh, major seventh, minor seventh, augmented, and diminished) on my own. After reading page 34 of the 2004 edition of the book, I can.

I am enjoying the learning experience. I will say that I enjoy the guitar more than the keyboard, but the keyboard is giving me a new perspective on basic music theory. I will never be all that good with the keyboard, but I am going to put some effort into learning the basics.

When I have a little confidence, maybe I'll post a small sample audio file.

Ok, today (01/10/2010) is the day. I am posting a sample of my keyboard playing, worts and all. I genuinely believe that everyone should play their instruments for enjoyment and the heck with any critics. Perfection is something we strive for not something we attain often and never in all areas.

The audio sample is less than 2 minutes and a small download. I have done some noise removal to eliminate the computer fan noise, but otherwise NO modifications of any kind have been made. Yes, I was tempted to do a MIDI production. Maybe add a horn section. I could of kicked in a simple drum background. I might do that some day, but I will have a page with audio production for that. This is just me playing.

Click here, if you have the guts!

Ok, you knew that there was no way I wouldn't do a simple mix with other instruments in LMMS and post it today! It is REALLY rough, but hey, it is there if you want to listen to it.

My Synth Mix

Nero played the fiddle while Rome burned. I played the keyboard while the congress passed the health-opacalypse legislation. This link is to a WMV video. The focus isn't ideal, but then again, neither is my playing!

My keyboard playing on 03-21-2010

2010 05 08 A simple waltz this time. Right now I'm slowly going through a course called Rocket Piano. I'm taking my time and enjoying the learning experience. As you can tell by the attached audio, I have a long way to go. I recorded this through a MIDI connection into LMMS and used the VST called "EVM Grand Piano v1.1". I used the LAME encoder to convert to MP3. EVM Grand Piano is one of my favorite VSTs and it really sounds like a grand piano.

My keyboard playing on 05-08-2010

2010 12 19 Ok, I did a Christmas song. Yes, you read that correctly. Since it is 10mb, it takes a while to download.

Silent Night 12 19 2010 (video - 10MB)

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