Chinese Glyph for "Country"

Notice how the Chinese characters are drawn. In general, you start from the upper left and work your way down to the lower right. This particular character is "guo" with a rising tone. Say "goo-ahh" with a rising pitch. It represents the glyph for "country". As you can see, I am out of practice. While the characters should not be extremely straight, they also should not look like over-cooked noodles!

When done correctly, the simplified version has 8 strokes, while the tradional version has 11. In my case, I doubled a step on the tradional and you don't see one of the individual steps. Trust me, you really didn't miss much.

3D Rendering of Chinese characters.

3D picture of chinese characters for country

Simplified Chinese charaacters.

Simplified glyph for country

Traditional Chinese characters.

Traditional glyph for country

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