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I have also been playing around with the didgeridoo. Below is a sample of my playing. No lessons! Who would believe that? Just remember that NO ONE IS MAKING YOU CLICK ON THE LINK! That's my story, and I'm sticking with it!

Click here to sample the sounds of Bernie with his Didgeridoo

When I play the guitar, the windows are closed so that my neighbors are not adversely affected by my playing. Note that I also tend to play the guitar in the winter months. With the didgeridoo, I have occassionally played with the windows open. I figure NO ONE is going to believe what they are hearing and will thus pretend the sound isn't there! I do wonder if any of them wake up very late at night or very early in the morning wondering what the heck is going on . . .

Some people may not know what a didgeridoo is. It is a hollow tube. In my case, my instrument is 1-1/2" diameter with a length of 48" PVC pipe with a rubber mouth guard. It is VERY easy to make your own instrument. Amazon.com sells the rubber mouth guards! Just put one on the end of a piece of PVC cut to the right length, and you are ready to party! The length of the PVC determines the basic pitch. The website at http://www.didjshop.com/physicsDidj.html explains how to select the right length for the pitch you are looking for. The piece of PVC does NOT have to be straight. You can heat and bend the pipe to very interesting shapes without damaging the sound of the instrument!

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