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I've always believed that people should never hesitate to draw, paint, model, and create. I have no talent for drawing or painting, yet here I am posting my images on the net. I don't do it because I have any illusions that my works are masterpieces. I post these to encourage others to express themselves and share their creatvity. I like my artwork because I made them and I expressed what I saw in my own way. ENJOY!

Below is a list of different image galleries. Feel free to click on the links as see what there is to see.


click here for the Sketches

The sketches are inspired by a book, Drawing On The Right Side of the Brain by Betty Edwards. After going through that book and doing all of the exercises, I did learn a lot. Many of those exercises are the images at the beginning of the sketches gallery. Later in the gallery are doodles.

3D Artwork

click here for the 3D Gallery

These 3D images were made in Blender, a program I can not praise highly enough. With Blender, magic can happen!


click here for the Paintings

The paintings are mostly created with Corel Painter. Many are from Bob Ross videos.


click here for the Postcards

These images are scans of some old postcards that I found laying around. Many are from around 1918. This collection will have an initial load that is slow because there are about 580 images.

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