Society for the Protection of
Non-threating Lawn Gnomes

While minding my own business at work, someone brought up the subject of lawn gnomes. One person didn't know what a lawn gnome was, so I decided to find a few pictures of them on the web . . . they were few and far between. With this page, I hope to help spread the word about lawn gnomes!

I have wanted one ever since I saw a horror flick years ago that featured lawn gnomes prominently. I can not remember the name or even the plot of the movie, just the fact that a lawn gnome is smashed at the end of the movie. If you know about any horror flicks featuring lawn gnomes, PLEASE e-mail me with the movie names! I may add the list of movies at the bottom of this page, as a service to all lawn gnome boosters everywhere!

I now have two of the fine lawn protectors. Other lawn gnomes in the 'hood BEWARE!

On a personal note, I begin to wonder if this is how those doddering old folks with the windmills and wind chimes all over their back yards start out . . . Am I destined to have those annoyingly "cute" bird feeders in my yard? Am I doomed to think that the spinning plastic daisies are a "good idea"? Is there any escape once one starts down this path? Was the horror movie a subtle warning about the dangers of lawn gnomes? Are there others who know the truth? Am I over-thinking this one?

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