For some strange reason, I've suddenly starting playing around with picking locks. I've learned the absolute basics of standard tumbler locks. My toughest successful picked lock, so far, has been a standard 5 pin lock.

Within a few hours of starting to learn how to pick locks, I realized just how little security that standard locks offer. If I can pick locks, anyone can.

This is a 1 minute video of me picking a 4-pin lock.

Direct Link to 4-pin lock.

This is a 4 minute video of me picking a 5-pin lock. I use the word tumblers a lot. Tumblers actually should be pins. The pins are the items in the locks that picking effect.

Direct Link to 5-pin lock.

This is a repeat performance with that 5-pin lock. I have gained some experience and gotten a little better.

Direct Link to 5-pin lock.

This is a new 5-pin lock and it is a bit a work to open. Feel the passion! Watch the action! Live the dream!

Direct Link to 5-pin lock.

Yale combination and key padlock. 1-15-2012. An interesting lock.

Yale combination lock.

Fraim easy key lock. 1-15-2012.


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