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Hydrogen Advanced Drum Machine Software

Free software. This is a drum kit software package. Even a person as lacking in musical talent as me, can setup and enjoy a simple drum track. Get you own copy at: Extremely fast and simple install. Works with Windows and Linux.

LMMS - Linux Multimedia Software (runs great on Windows)

I was so impressed with Rebirth-338 Synthesizer (see the next entry), that I completely ignored LMMS. That was a big mistake! LMMS is wonderful! LMMS has some powerful features. Among my favorites are:

I have been playing my Yamaha PSR-275 with the Yamaha UX-16 MIDI to USB adapter as the music source for the LMMS software. I have noticed that there may be issues with chords, but I've just starting using chords in my playing, so we will see. Of course the fact that the chords are so darned low, means that I can peel them off of the main track and put them with various instruments. There are quite a few special effects that, along with the VST(i) plug-ins, make this one interesting synthesizer.

You can't beat the price, free. Unless you are a professional making money in the business, this should be one of your primary toys. You can download it at:

Propellerhead Rebirth-338 Synthesizer Software

Released to public for free. On their website, it is described as: "ReBirth RB-338 is the revolutionary computer software simulation of classic Roland devices - the TB-303 Bass Line Synthesizer and the TR-808 and TR-909 Rythm Composers."

Download your own copy RIGHT NOW at: Freeware RB-338. You do NOT want to miss this one, if you use a Windows computer!

This synthesizer software was pretty much top-of-the-line software in the early 1990s. If you can't find something to love in this program, then you really need to find a different hobby. I have not accomplished much with this one yet. It has so many options, that I keep getting distracted by a new feature before I ever get anything done!

One warning. There are rumors that the RB-338 software is not playing nicely with either Vista or Windows 7. That is a genuine shame because the software is so damned nice.

Propellerhead has a new synthesizer called Reason 4. It has their "Thor" synthesizer which they describe as the synthesizer to end all synthesizers . . . They aren't joking! Since it costs real money and I'm not making money in the music business, I'll never own it . . . but I can watch the demos and see what others are doing.

Reasonably Priced Alternatives to LMMS
Zynewave Podium
$50 with 1 year of upgrades
Reaper 3.52
$60 dicounted licnese (personal or a buiness making < $20,000)
$225 professional license
EnergyXT 2.5
€59 or $74.18 as of 2010 05 21 (EnergyXT)
and €19 or $23.80 as of 2010 05 21 (XT ReWire VST)

High-end Synth Packages

These software packages tend to have lots of options and bundle prices. I have given what I consider to be a reasonable ballpark figure taking a sample of the options into account.
FL Studio
$300 to $500
Ableton Suite 8
$699 (Download) or $849 (boxed)
Reason Premium Edition

Fun Websites with Online Instruments

A special thank you to Robert F. for these sites! Dude, you are a machine! I have NO idea how you find so many sites!

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